“If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener”, very beautifully quoted. But, nowadays, where population has primarily shifted from rural to urban; having own space for gardening is little difficult.

There is very small space for flora especially for residential flats, commercial hubs and office complexes. And, spending too much time in concrete, one starts feeling detached from Mother Nature, and nature is a major source for good Physical and Mental Health.

Terrace Garden and Green Balcony can be a great solution for gardening in small available space. And, having a one is not difficult. This can begin with ‘Water-Proofing’ the roof. This will make roof water-resistant and leakage free, to avoid any damage to the building. It is a simple procedure, and many products are available in the market. 

Terrace Garden
Photo Courtesy: Floma.in

Once water-proofing is done, the Green Heaven begins. You can initiate with Planters and Pots. In the beginning, search your own home, get containers and recycle it, such as coke bottles, kitchen utensils, coconut shells, bamboo baskets, plastic boxes among others.

Primarily, take baby steps for your Terrace Garden, try to grow a plant, which are easy and grow fast, such as coriander, chili, capsicum, spinach etc. And, gradually shift to fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Green Balcony, terrace Garden
Photo Courtesy: old farmer's almanac

To beautify your garden, sitting arrangements can be add-on. Imagine, after a long tiring day, enjoying a cup of coffee in your own maintained garden. Nothing can be more soothing than this. You can also plan small get-together with loved ones with own barbeque.

Apart from this, there are many benefits of gardening. According to WebMD, ‘Activities such as gardening, do-it-yourself projects and housework may be as good as formal exercise when it comes to reducing the risk for heart attack and stroke.’

Photo Courtesy: Floma.in

At the same time, it reduces stress. And, there is happiness in the dirt. Scientifically, inhaling M. Vaccae, healthy bacteria that lives in soil, reduces anxiety.

Moreover, Research at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that the light activity associated with gardening can help you sleep better at night. 

So, what are you waiting for, put yourself out and try Terrace Garden or Green Balcony today!


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