A Phobia generally is a type of Anxiety Disorder defined by a constant and extreme fear of an object or situation. The affected person with such Anxiety Disorder goes to any extend to avoid the situation or object. In case, the feared object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected person experiences major level of Anxiety, Stress, and Discomfort.

There are many categories of Phobias that people may be affected by; such Phobias are related to the Natural Environment, Animals, Situations and Medical Treatment. Each category has a unique set of specific phobias that are related. Individuals with these sorts of fears may encounter more than one of the fears inside a group.

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However, there are many weird and unusual phobias, which you might know even existed. Some of them are as follows:

1.      Eisoptrophobia: Eisoptrophobia is the fear of mirrors. Basically, fear of seeing your own reflection in a mirror. Seeing your own reflection in the mirror, can cause people distress. According to a 2014 case study (1), a 55-year-old woman struggled with this phobia for 30 years.

2 Ephebiphobia: Ephebiphobia is a fear of teenagers or adolescents. Cultural and Demographic researchers states that nearly every generation of adults has mild little kind of this phobia. This means they look at teens as “out of control” or backwards in some way.

3.  Hippopotomonstro – sesquippedaliophobia: This phobia is a fear of long words. It’s generally used in the context of patients with dyslexia, who may struggle with unusually long words. It’s also coined as “Sesquipedalophobia.

4.  Globophobia: This is the fear of balloons. The researchers claim that such patients often run into trouble when they have to be present at parties and encounter with balloons. And, issue arises more when they have their own kids. 

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5.   Nomophobia: This is the fear of being without a smartphone. This is relatively new study, and shows people become anxious or nervous, at a thought of losing the phone or without a battery backup. 

6.  Somniphobia: This is the fear of Initiating Sleep or Falling Asleep. Some people also experience Sleep Paralysis. 

7.  Panophobia: This is fear of everything. This is generally associated with the people having generalized Anxiety Disorders. Acc. to recent study (2) such people are also frightened by darkness and harmless noises.

8.  Cibophobia: This is the fear of food. This is little hard to believe and except, but such fear is developed generally when patient experienced painful muscle spasms after eating or swallowing.

9.  Frigophobia: This is the fear of being cold. It may be particularly common within Chinese Culture, as it is associated with Eastern philosophical principles of Yin and Yang. That further explains that cold exposure is associated with heart ache, stomachache and illness, as well as a loss of energy. 

10.  Deipnophobia: This is the fear of dining or, more exclusively, dinner parties and get-togethers. How this phobia developed is still not clear but, it is listed in the Oxford Dictionary of Psychology, which confirms some people might have experienced it.

Exposure therapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with a phobia. “It involves gradual confrontation of the thing you’re afraid of,” says Wolitzky-Taylor. “The basic idea is to disconfirm a person’s belief about what will happen.”


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