We know, world is going through toughest time in fighting against Convid’19. It’s a war world is fighting to win! In the midst of Convid’19, Quarantine and Staying Home is the easiest and best solution to battle against this pandemic. Many countries have Lock Down their respective states and cities to stop the transmission of the virus.

One the one side, Lock Down is the best solution, but Quarantine has led to rise in mental illness(1), including depression, anxiety, suicides, frustration, panic attacks, mood swings, delusions, and fear among others.

Art Therapy, Quarantine
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People along with their children, are trying really hard to cope up in this time. Activities such as Reading, Playing Games, Cooking, Watching TV and Movies etc are some of the activities people adopting to keep themselves occupied.

Did you know, Art Therapy is a form of therapy, estimated on the belief that artistic expression has the power to help us in Curing and Healing; in self-worth? It’s unique; mostly other forms of therapy rely on language as the primary mode of communication, whereas, Art requires something different, something harder to define.

One need not to be from artistic background to practice the Art Therapy, infact, the less art one make; the better. Following are the few activities, one can practice to release tension, relax, cure and feel positive during Quarantine. 

1.      Design a Postcard, you don’t intend to send:  You know, writing the text can be therapeutic in its own way, and designing a postcard just adds value to the object. Design your feelings into in, unsaid love, anger to vent-out, hidden emotions etc. and after the completion a sense of relaxation will be felt after you dispose it.

Art Therapy
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2.     Draw in Pure Darkness: During an attempt in creating art designs, our mind continuously passes judgments and criticism to the masterwork, which unconsciously creates stress. Creating an art in complete darkness sabotage such stress, and proposes surprise with smile when on its completion, after lights are turn on.

3.    Create a Colour Collage: Every colour has its own characteristics, some colour are soothing, aggressive, polite, humble etc. Drawing a collage with colours, de-stresses the current mood or phase. Colours have great power, which plays magically with our brain!

4.   Create a Collage: Firstly, you have to create a painting on a paper or cardboard, once it’s finished, you have to tear it apart and prepare a new collage out of it. Just feel the new art work created, this activity gives a push to new experiments, and encourages to take risks

Art Therapy
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5.     Create a Wishing Tree: You can use a tree or create a tree like structure. All you have to do is, cut small papers, write your dreams and wishes and hang there. You can ask your friends and family too to join it. This activity, takes you one step closer to your dreams and small paper resembles blossom of flowers from far away.

6.     Use your Body as Tools for the Creative: Yes, it is as simple, use your body parts such s fingers, nails, foot toes, full hand, palm etc to build a creative. This gives a feeling of your ‘Very Own Art Work’, and a person feels more resembles at the end.

Art Therapy
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7.   Draw along with Music: We all feel, music has its own aroma to swing the souls. Along with music and by simply putting a pen or pencil to paper and moving it as the rhythm dictates is another way of Art Therapy. One can draw bold lines, curves, zing-zag, waves etc along with music. It usually gives relaxation to a person.

Thereof, we can say, Art performs many rituals in our body and brain, which consciously we are unable to realize. So, this Quarantine, try Art Therapy today. It’s not only for the people who are experiencing mental stress or illness, it’s for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy the magic of Art.




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