About Us

Absolutely Crazy, Silly, Intellectual, Overloaded Smartness, Intelligent, Extra Dumb, Moody & Foodie,  Confused, Loves Art, Often Indecisive, Inclination towards Spirituality, Political Opinionated, Follows Voice of the Heart, among others; if you feel you are combination of all of these attributes – just like ‘DilSeDelight’; follow us..

We are basically the ‘Gyaani’ people, who have interest in all the areas, and engage ourselves accordingly. But, it’s true; we do go out of loop occasionally!!!!

But adhere to commitment; DilSeDelight will be Informative, Interesting, Engaging and Relevant.

Having little passion for ‘On the Spot Candid Photography’, some flavours and stories will be expressed through photos. Not a professional photographer, so ‘No Judgments please!’ Follow all the portals of ‘Dil Se Delight’ and Stay Connected.

Opinions, Suggestions, Comments are always WELCOME..